Welcome to IVE(TY) Timetables for AY2014/2015

  1. If you are a staff, you may access
    1. http://tts-sitetb.vtc.edu.hk/ty_tb for TY Campus *
    2. http://tts-sitetb.vtc.edu.hk/he_tb for THEi Campus *
    3. http://myportal.vtc.edu.hk

  2. For all DAYTIME modules, (involving FT students and PTD students studying daytime modules), please access http://myportal.vtc.edu.hk.

  3. For all EVENING modules, (involving PTE students and PTD students studying evening modules), please access http://tystuintra.vtc.edu.hk/download.htm. *

  4. Since there may be some subsequent changes, please check the latest version the day before the class begins.

  5. For further information, please check with your Department Office.

*Remarks:(If you are at home, please access via VPN.)

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